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Almost Love—eBook Cover.png

Almost Love


He was only supposed to teach her pleasure. Until it turned into so much more.


Clementine Kinney isn’t good with people, but she is fantastic with dessert. With a successful bakery and a small group of friends, she’s thriving. And love? She’s not against it. But too many crushes have made her wary of her gut feelings.   


Oakley West is looking for somewhere to belong. To numb his grief, he spent years under the influence of substances that altered his life. After traveling around the country, settling down in a small town wasn’t the plan. Neither was falling in love.


Brought together by donuts, they find themselves wanting more than just sprinkles. These feelings drive them to make a deal—sexual pleasure for a food guide. Rules are laid out and a mutually agreed upon friends with benefits relationship begins. The more time they spend exploring bodies, histories and food, the more their relationship changes.


Until two words prove to Clementine that crushes can’t end in happily ever after.

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