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COMING JUNE 12, 2023

Neither of them believe they’re worth loving. But they’re about to prove each other wrong.

Content & Trigger Warnings Characters with depression and anxiety, scenes of panic attacks, recreational use of weed, mentions of growing up in the foster system and group homes, mentions of a toxic family, and scenes with a therapist. The characters in this book are over the age of 25 with scenes of alcohol consumption and coarse language. It is also an open door romance with multiple explicit sex scenes.

Author Anna P.

Anna studied journalism and has a Masters in Creative Writing, and a love for music and writing got her jobs with Rolling Stone India and Sony Music, and after a couple of years of selling her soul to advertising, she’s finally following her childhood dream of writing books.

She’s currently working as a freelance copy consultant and book editor, while sipping on copious amounts of black tea and white wine.


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This is a debut novel, and it reached far beyond what I was expectations. It reaches beyond the formula of a fluffy rom-com and is successful at it. The author managed the pace of story very well and kept me hooked from the very beginning.

I really, really enjoyed this debut! It hit my radar earlier this year when I saw the adorable cover reveal. It’s fun, tropey, delightfully queer & steamy, yet doesn’t shy away from real life hurdles.

Ollie and Jackson's story is like a warm blanket. Tucked me anytime and I'm good to go! But, their story is more than just the witty banters, sweet lines, and "kilig" moments, it also tackled sensitive issues that are important especially in this current society where we live.

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