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Almost Home—Full Cover.png

Almost Home


Neither of them believe they’re worth loving. But they’re about to prove each other wrong.


Everleigh Cooper wants her happily ever after, but she’s not one to kiss a million frogs, go on countless dates or indulge in one night stands. She needs more. After leaving home with her best friend at 14, she’s worked hard to find a place she belongs. With her friends finding love around her, Everleigh hopes ‘the one’ is waiting for her, too.


After a childhood of shuttling around foster homes, Lachlan James struggles to see his worth. Relationships are hard when you battle depression and can’t trust people to stick around. Finding someone who makes him feel loved—and who stays—has always been the hard part.


When she’s displaced because of a fire in her building, Everleigh moves in with Lachlan with the help of their mutual friends. Their opposing schedules keep them apart until one failed cooking experiment and an accidental kiss bring them crashing together.


They bond over tattoos and romance novels, fall in love through scribbled notes and doodles, and find safety in each other’s arms. But when Lachlan’s depression spirals, everything they’ve been building teeters on the edge. 


Can Everleigh and Lachlan work through their struggles and find a home in each other? 

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