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Almost Yours


Once upon a time, they couldn’t be apart. Now, they can’t stand to be in the same room.


Happy to live her life on her own terms, event planner Ginny Thomas has always had trouble understanding the meaning of ‘true love’. It certainly doesn’t help that her parents’ marriage has proven nothing lasts forever. She’d rather avoid heartbreak and focus on promoting body positivity and self-love to her thousands of followers on Instagram.

Gavin Rhodes is known for living wild. What his friends and family don't know is that he's living a lie. Having once loved and lost the girl who occupied his every waking thought, he’s taken to saving animals at his shelter to fill his soul. He’s happier now than he thought he would be, spending time with his parents and older brothers, even when they boss him around.


When Ginny and Gavin run into each other during a holiday party, their tumultuous history comes flooding back. Despite plans to avoid each other, she helps him with an event to raise funds for his pet shelter, which sees frustrations rise along with old tensions. To nobody’s surprise, the idea to "get it out of their systems" doesn’t go as planned.


Between hashing out the past and falling in love, Ginny and Gavin work to find a balance in their new relationship. Especially when forces out of their control threaten to put both hearts on shaky ground.


Content & Trigger Warnings: Mentions of divorce, mentions of domestic abuse. Toxic parents, infidelity (not the MCs), fat shaming and internet bullying. There’s a scene where the victim of abuse is recounting what was inflicted on her. There is use of coarse language and multiple open door sex scenes which also includes dirty talk and some light choking.

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