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Almost Maybes


Even at 36, Oleander Bowen has to do things she doesn’t enjoy to appease her grandmother: meet eligible bachelors who will definitely make terrible husbands, hide her sexuality and make excuses for working late. While Oleander hasn’t had to battle the patriarchy the way other Indian women have, she’s tired. She’s also tired of the boring one night stands and tired of working two jobs to pay back her parents.

Then he steps into her bar.

For Jackson Huxley, being 26 means living his best life, hanging out with his friends, nerding out over Star Wars and the Ninja Turtles. But also healing his broken heart. He’s never been the kind of guy that women want—too nerdy, not enough muscles and far more inclined to break out pop culture references every single time.

Then he met her.

Neither of them were looking for love, but persistence and charm not only gives Jackson a chance to be himself in a relationship, but also encourages Oleander to drop her walls and open up to something new.

Till his past, unacknowledged ignorance and one hurtful incident turns them inside out and suddenly all the perfect times they’ve shared shatters everything.

They almost had it all. And maybe they can get it back.

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