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Almost Forevers


Happily ever afters are only for her clients.

Trust doesn’t come easily for wedding planner Frankie Willows. After losing her parents and giving up on a future that society finds more important than she does, she’s decided love is overrated.

Milo Winters, hopeless romantic and underwear model, does not think love is overrated. His parents had true love, so did his grandparents, so where’s the love of his life? But most women only see a pretty face and a good time.

A chance encounter sets Frankie and Milo on a journey neither of them expected—an explosive one night stand that leads to a weekend of fake dating. And when he can’t walk away, they make a friends with benefits deal.

Falling in love was never part of the plan, but one month is all it takes for them to realize they belong together.

Until one secret brings everything down, reminding Frankie why she avoided love in the first place.

How do they rebuild that trust and find their way back to forever?

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