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i offer developmental editing, critique partner and alpha/beta reading services.

What does Developmental Editing mean?

Developmental editing is a phase in the book publishing process where editors work with authors to resolve “big picture” issues in their manuscripts, including structure, form, plot, and character. Because of its focus on wider story elements, this type of editing normally won't address sentence-level errors such as punctuation and grammar typos.

Good developmental editing will bear your target audience in mind and assess your work in relation to industry standards and expectations. Only once your manuscript has been revised, reshaped, and developed will it be ready for a copy edit and proofread. But where can you find a developmental editor with the right experience to take your story to the next level?

how i work, what i offer, what we can do to make the process seamless for you. how much will it cost? how long will it take?

what does a CP do?

What does an alpha/beta reader do?


K. H Anastasia (developmental edits)

Alaina Rose (CP)

Lila Dawes (CP)

Chrissy Robb (Alpha)

Meghan Hollie (Beta)

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