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Indie Support Sunday: Lily Miller

Vancouver-based Lily Miller calls herself a ‘writer of swoony, steamy HEA’s’ and burst onto the indie romance scene last year with her debut Always Been You. The second book in the Bennett Family series followed earlier this year, with a third coming later this month.

Like a lot of indie authors, Lily chose to go the self-publishing route to have more control over the stories she wanted to tell and to write at a pace that worked for her. And she’s living the dream, having quit her full time job to dedicate more time to writing her books and telling more stories! With one more book in the works for this series, Lily’s hoping to write a sports romance—maybe even hockey or baseball!

Lily’s books are available in Kindle Unlimited and you can preorder book three, Heart Set On You today!

What inspired you to write—was it another author or books you read as you grew up?

I was a reader before becoming an author and read a lot. I’ve always loved the romance genre and soon reading wasn't enough for me and I wanted more.

Why did you choose romance as the genre to write in?

It's the genre I love the most and feel the most connected to. I love love!

Why did you choose to self-publish instead of going the traditional route?

The easy answer is I’m a control freak and wanted control over the process from beginning to end. I have a job and a family and wanted to write at my own pace as well.

What’s the best and worst part about being an indie author?

The best…I prefer the freedom and autonomy it allows me to write, design and market my way. I love being an indie author and wouldn't have it any other way. The community I belong to of indie authors is also a beautiful thing. The worst… it’s a lot of work writing, publishing, marketing etc!

Do you write full time or is this something you do on the side? And would you want to write full time?

I recently quit my job to write full time and I’m so happy! It’s been a dream of mine to focus solely on my writing.

If not romance/subgenres of romance, what genre would you like to write in?

Only always romance! That's for sure!

What are your top 5 tips or pieces of advice for aspiring authors?

  1. Read the genre you write as much and as often as you can. The more you read, the easier you'll find rhythms and elements needed to create a well written story.

  2. Connect with other authors in your genre and ask questions. We learnt a ton early on about publishing and cover photos and what's needed to write a catchy blurb.

  3. Know what inspires you. We find inspiration in music and people watching and observing how people interact together.

  4. Save your manuscript and back it up! We've lost a working manuscript and it is life shattering.

  5. Go For It. Write the story that sets your heart on fire, publish it and take that leap!

Can you briefly tell me about your books?

I have published two books so far that belong to a series—Always Been You and Had to Be You. My third release, Heart Set on You releases October 25th! Yay! They’re set in a small town on the east coast called Reed Point. They are written around The Bennett family, three handsome and successful sons and one feisty and impulsive daughter. The family are billionaires who run a successful boutique hotel chain and live in an affluent beach town on the coast.

Of your books, who is your favourite character?

Ooh that is a tough question because I didn't initially think I could love a hero as much as Parker from my debut novel. But I loved writing Liam and his broody, alpha personality in Had to Be You. So, it might just be Liam! Although, Miles, my celebrity heartthrob in Heart Set on You is a dream too! Ughh, it's so hard to choose one over the other.

What inspired your published stories? How and when did you come up with these stories and plots?

Funny story! The Benett Family was inspired over a girls night out with friends of mine. We were out for dinner, having drinks and laughing so hard that it hurt. I started writing Always Been You the week after.

How much of yourself do you put into these characters?

I actually do write a lot of myself into my characters. I love the ocean, chocolate and chew on my lip when I’m thinking like Olivia. I enjoy running like Olivia too.

When you write these stories, what are you hoping your readers will feel?

I hope my readers will feel as though they are experiencing what our characters are feeling. To be touched, moved, by my stories and feel like they've stepped into the fictional world I’ve created. I hope my readers will laugh, cry, shiver and be entertained. It's my job as a writer to take readers on an entertaining journey with realistic characters they fall in love with.

What is a story/stories that you really want to tell?

My current goal is to complete the Bennett Family series which means releasing one more full length novel. After that, a sports romance would be fun to write. Hockey or baseball are two of my favorites.

What’s next on the bookshelf for you? Anything you can tell us about a future project?

I have my last Bennett, Jules, to write which I am more than excited about. I can't tell you much just yet but if you read a book in the series you’ll know she’s going to be fun. It's an exciting time in the Bennett family!

What are your most and least favourite tropes?

Fave tropes are second chance and enemies to lovers. Tropes I’m not into are love triangle and pregnancy. Amnesia is up there on that list too.

What are some tropes you want to write in the future?

I loved writing enemies to lovers so definitely more of that! Opposite attract, forced proximity or best friend's brother in the future.

What is your favourite thing about the romance genre?

When the guy gets the girl at the end of the book! I love an HEA so much!


  • Ebooks or audiobooks

  • Historical romance or romantic suspense

  • Single or Dual POV

  • Standalones or series (Series, but it's definitely not a necessity. )

  • Music or silence while writing (Silence, late at night in the dark)

  • Plotter, pantser or plantser (Plantser. Wish I enjoyed plotting more extensively)

  • Tea or coffee

  • Cold or warm weather (Can Hot be my answer)

  • Morning person or night owl

  • Illustrated cover or photo cover

Find Lily on Instagram to stay updated on all her books. Also follow her on Facebook and TikTok!


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